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Customer Management

Customer Data & Lifecycle Management

SMART OPTICS® Customer database, the locus of the software is quite capable to deliver optimum performance in time-critical situations yet managing all past years customers lifecycle.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

SMART OPTICS® robust, scalable and dependable database allows managing multiple stores with capability of handling very large database sizes for fast growing enterprises.


Customer Relationship Management

SMART OPTICS® CRM tools help you increase sales and prospects by focusing on GERI - Greet, Engage, Reward, Inform.


Dispensing, Invoicing & Insurance

SMART OPTICS® integrated dispensing, invoicing and insurance management help you complete process quickly and reduce customer's waiting time.


MIS & Analytics

SMART OPTICS® analytics and reporting gives you better insight so that you could focus on key aspects for your business growth.

Chain of Stores

Chain of Stores / Multi Branch Centralization

SMART OPTICS® scalable and dependable database allows you to centrally manage multiple stores with capability of handling very large databases. Its cloud infrastructure is fully scalable for fast growing businesses.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes. Indeed! we have cloud based multi-store management software.

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